Thursday, October 11, 2007

1109. Rim wrench or tire bolt wrench, it's geared such that turning the upper part will rotate the wrench, for hard to reach nuts like those located on the inside of a wagon wheel felloe.

1110. Leather creasing machine, used for continuous creasing of straps up to 1-3/4" wide.

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From Jack Devitt's collection

1111. This is a valve adjustment tool for use on automobiles, the SP stands for Schley Products.

1112. Joint raker, used for removing and cleaning excess mortar from the joint between bricks or stones, 5/16" and 3/8" tab at either end rakes corners.

1113. Rope cutter, used in a hardware store, patent number 378,004.

1114a. Wheatstone bridge, used to measure an unknown electrical resistance.

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Two close-ups:




Further description from the owner:
An early modification that can be seen when looking at the open bottom and that is the battery source was changed from a battery box located inside the device to one which is external. The arrows on the lower side of the box picture point to circular holes that allowed the batteries to be inserted into the box. The arrows on the upper side point to terminals which lead through the right end of the box to connecting terminals on the outside. A second picture is a close-up of the battery holes from the inside ---these holes are capped on the outside with an easily removable chrome plated brass plate (note the battery contact buttons )---- also there must have been sleeves which held the batteries inside the box and these were missing when I found this device.

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